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Where to get in shape in The Netherlands

“Fitness Amsterdam”, “mooie Fitness IJsselstein”, and “Fitness Rotterdam” are just some examples of terms people look up on Google when they are trying to find a good workout spot in The Netherlands.

People who look up terms like this are very likely to find a gym, or other workout spot, they are satisfied with. This is because The Netherlands is known as a very healthy country, people try to stay in shape and eat healthy. Overall, the country is home to over 4000 gyms, so it is expected that everyone should be able to find one that suits his or her needs.

How to stay motivated

It can be difficult to stay motivated about your workouts and to keep following your weekly workout routines. To help you stay motivated we have multiple tips that might come in very handy.

One important tip is to find a workout partner. This can be a friend, your significant other or just someone you often see in the gym. For the people that have some extra money to spend, this person could even be their own personal trainer.

Another tip you can quickly and easily apply is to write down and track your daily progress, thereby challenging yourself to set new personal records each time you work out.

Different workout routines

As we probably all know, every person has different goals when they start working out. Some people want to lose as much fat as possible, some people actively try to put on as much muscle mass as they can, and some people seem to mostly focus on their overall strength.

For each of these end goals, a different workout routine would be fitting. Good gyms tend to have the right equipment to facilitate everyone, no matter what their goal is. For people that mainly want to lose weight, this equipment could be a stair-master or a treadmill. For others, this will be a bench press set-up.